How Can You Recover Damages After a Car Accident in Ohio?

The days after being involved in a car accident typically include having to deal with an array of stressful issues, including seeking medical care for your injuries, having your vehicle repaired or replaced, and figuring out if you can return to work. While all this is going on, you also have to think about possible […]

What to Know About Admitting Fault After a Car Accident

The single biggest issue in any Ohio car accident claim is who is at fault. Before getting into damages, injuries, and the potential compensation, it’s important to determine who caused the accident, and who is responsible for the damages. While it may seem pretty straightforward, there are some issues that complicate the situation. That’s why […]

Tips for a Safe Summer Road Trip

Are you hitting the open road this summer? Do you want to explore what the states around you have to offer? If so, it’s important to protect yourself and those with you when going on a road trip. The car accident attorneys from Anzellotti, Sperling, Pazol & Small have compiled the following list of tips […]