What to Know About Admitting Fault After a Car Accident

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The single biggest issue in any Ohio car accident claim is who is at fault. Before getting into damages, injuries, and the potential compensation, it’s important to determine who caused the accident, and who is responsible for the damages.

While it may seem pretty straightforward, there are some issues that complicate the situation. That’s why it’s crucial that you never admit fault after an car accident, even if you believe it was your fault.

Legal Fault vs. Emotional Fault

As a human, you may find times where you blame yourself for something that happened, that really wasn’t your fault.

After an Car accident, you may have an overwhelming sensation and think “that wasn’t supposed to happen.” The truth is, most crashes occur due to negligent driving and could have been avoided. Car accidents should not happen. However, that doesn’t always mean that you were negligent or at fault.

In the context of car accidents, the word “fault” is very complex. It takes time to determine who is at fault for an accident.

This means that not even the police officer’s determination of fault is definitive. The official reports from the accident are an important part of the puzzle, but they aren’t the deciding factor when it comes to fault.

Never decide for yourself if you were at fault for an accident in Ohio. Instead, contact our team of personal injury attorneys.

What May Happen if You Make a Polite Apology

Being polite isn’t bad, but there’s a way for you to be polite and offer your comfort without compromising your legal situation.

If you say the wrong thing after being involved in an accident, it may be construed as an admission of fault or guilt.

Some of the things you should never say after being involved in a car accident include:

  • It was my fault.
  • I’m sorry.
  • It wasn’t your fault.
  • I should have driven more carefully.
  • You didn’t do anything wrong.
  • I wasn’t paying attention.
  • My bad
  • I didn’t know I was speeding.
  • I’m tired/didn’t get enough sleep.

While it’s fine to express your concern for the others involved in the accident, you should choose your words carefully. Never admit or imply fault. Also, don’t waive your rights or make excuses for another person’s negligent actions. The less that you say, the better.

Insurance Companies Can Use Your Words Against You

While it may seem implausible that insurance companies would take an off-hand comment made after an accident and use them to deny or reduce your compensation, but this is something that happens all the time. In fact, insurance companies will do just about anything to reduce what they hve to pay.

Contact an Car Accident Attorney Youngstown for Help

If you find yourself in this situation and want to ensure your protect your rights to receive compensation, contact our Car Accident Lawyers at Anzellotti Sperling Pazol and Small by calling (330) 574-4489. Our team can help ensure you don’t make any misleading or accidental statements that may impact your right to recover for the damages and injuries you suffered.