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Families suffering through the loss a loved one have a difficult road ahead of them. In many cases, the unexpected death of a relative can lead to serious financial issues and devastating emotional trauma. To make matters worse, the surviving family members in a wrongful death case are often pressured by insurance companies and lawyers into settling for unfair compensation. If this is happening to you, Anzellotti, Sperling, Pazol & Small can fight for your rights and help you recover the damages you deserve. Our legal team has years of experience and are highly knowledgeable about the laws surrounding wrongful death in the state of Ohio. Our consultations are always free and we charge no fee if we do not recover compensation for you.

Understanding When Wrongful Death Occurs

When someone loses their life as a result of the wrongful or careless actions of another, a wrongful death claim can be filed against that person. Negligence is a common contributing factor in many cases. For example, a person may die as a result of a car accident that was caused by a truck driver who continued operating their vehicle even though they were exhausted. In a case like this, the family of the victim could file a civil lawsuit against the driver or trucking company.

As attorneys, it’s our goal to prove that the death of the victim wouldn’t have occurred if the other party hadn’t acted carelessly. We must also prove that the victim’s death led to financial hardships for the surviving family members. To do this successfully, our attorneys utilize their expertise and resources to investigate the events surrounding the accident and discover if negligence played a part. It’s also our job to protect you from insurance companies who try to get you to settle out of court for less money than you deserve.

Types of Compensation in Wrongful Death Cases

There are a number of damages a person can seek in a wrongful death case. Some of these are simple to calculate and prove. Others are more complex. Some of the primary things families deserve compensation for include:


  • Expenses related to the victim’s funeral
  • The cost of medical bills leading up to the victim’s death
  • The loss of future income and benefits
  • Loss of companionship (also called loss of consortium)


While the cost of the victim’s funeral and medical bills are relatively easy to calculate, the other types of compensation aren’t so clear. The victim’s lifespan along with their income at the time of death must be analyzed. A monetary value must also be placed on the pain and suffering the surviving family members are experiencing. In some cases, punitive damages are sought. These damages are meant to punish the defendant for their negligence. In order for these damages to be awarded, an attorney must prove the defendant acted out of gross negligence or that intent was involved in the accident.   

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Hire an Experience Ohio Wrongful Death Lawyer to Protect Your Rights

Nothing will be able to erase the emotional scars left by the sudden death of a loved one. However, if their death was the result of a wrongful or careless act, you deserve compensation for the hardships you’re experiencing. At Anzellotti, Sperling, Pazol & Small, we’ll examine every dimension of the accident to determine if negligence was a contributing factor. We’ll also calculate an appropriate amount of compensation to fight for. For years, our legal team has been helping victims in Mahoning, Trumbull, Columbiana, Cuyahoga, Portage, Stark, Summit, Ashtabula Counties and throughout Ohio. Contact us at (330) 792-6033 to set up a free consultation.