Who pays for the damage to my car?

If another driver caused the accident, their insurance company is generally responsible for paying for the damage to your car.

Who pays for my medical bills?

As is the case with damage to your vehicle, if the accident was caused by the other driver, any medical bills that you incur as a result of the accident are generally the other driver’s responsibility to pay.

What if I am hurt, but I can’t afford to pay for a doctor’s visit?

Do not allow monetary concerns stop you from seeking the treatment you need. If you were hurt as a result of the car accident, even if your injury seems minor, it is very important for you to go to the emergency room or your family doctor immediately. Along with protecting your health, consulting with a physician will provide documentation of your injuries which prevents the insurance company from saying that you were not hurt.

What if the other driver does not have insurance?

If you have insurance, but the other driver does not, then you may file a claim against your insurance company. This is called uninsured motorist coverage. Your insurance company will then attempt to collect their money back from the other driver. Remember, your insurance company, like the other driver’s insurance company, will want to pay you as little as possible.

What should I do after I’ve been in a collision?

To learn more about the steps you should take if you’ve been involved in a vehicle collision, order our free Ohio Accident Guide today. This free publication will provide you with the information you need to protect yourself from aggressive insurance adjusters and advice on how to avoid the seven costly mistakes drivers often make after an accident. To instantly download your free copy click here.

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