Tips for Managing Your Medical Bills While Your Injury Case is Still Pending

Managing Medical Bills in Personal Injury Case

If you have suffered an personal injury because of an auto accident or car accident, you may be surprised to learn that, initially, you will be on the hook for paying your medical costs. This is the case even if the injuries you suffered were due to someone else’s negligence. Since you don’t receive payment until the conclusion of the claims process and health care providers aren’t always patient, you will have to figure out a way to mange all these medical costs while your claim is still pending.

It is a good idea to contact a personal injury attorney in youngstown Ohio for help with this situation. Some other tips to help you manage these medical costs are found here.

Coverage from Your Health Insurance Policy

The first resource you have to cover the costs of your medical care is your insurance policy. However, if you are involved in a car accident, most auto insurance companies aren’t going to pay medical costs upfront. Instead, they are going to wait for you to receive treatment and to then reimburse you for the bills you have paid.

Make sure you get the hospital or emergency room where you are being treated all your health insurance information. There are some providers who may state that your current health insurance company won’t cover all your expenses, but you should still provide them with this information. There are some medical professionals who aren’t fully aware of how this claims process actually works.

The Benefits of Using Your Insurance

There are a few benefits offered by using your insurance. One is that your medical bills will be paid so that you don’t have to worry about negative marks on your credit by leaving them unpaid. An insurance claim can take a few months or several years to process. Also, by using your own insurance, you are going to ensure that you have received the proper treatment and care.

In some cases, an auto insurance policy may not provide limits to cover all your medical bills, especially if the other driver only kept a minimum amount of liability insurance. If you use your own health insurance, you can cover the expenses that go beyond the policy limits, so you don’t have to worry about covering these costs out of your own pockets.

Understanding Subrogation

It is crucial that you know, even if your health insurance carrier covered the costs of your medical treatment, you may still be in a position where you owe them money. During the actual subrogation process, your insurance company is going to try to get reimbursement from the company that covered the party who was at-fault. If you finally do receive the settlement, your insurance company may require you to pay the amount they paid on your behalf.

Medicaid or Medicare

If you are covered by Medicaid or Medicare, you can use this insurance so that you receive the treatment you need. Similar to the situation you are in with private insurance coverage, you may have to repay the government for any expenses they pay if you receive a settlement for your case.

Contact an Attorney for Help

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