What Exactly is Nursing Home Abuse?

It is important to look out for signs of nursing home abuse to determine if your loved one is being victimized.  If you suspect any signs of victimization, contact Youngstown Nursing Home Abuse Lawyers for a free consultation on how to best protect your loved one. The Ohio Nursing Home Patient Bill of Rights lists the rights of every nursing home resident. The law gives patients the right to:

• A safe and clean living environment

• Be free from mental, verbal, physical and emotional abuse

• Adequate and appropriate medical treatment and nursing care as well as other ancillary services

• Have all their reasonable requests and inquiries answered promptly

• Have clothes and bed sheets changed when the need arises


Common Types Of Nursing Home Abuse In Ohio

When most people hear the term “nursing home abuse” they immediately think of physical abuse. While this type of abuse is common and sometimes the most obvious, there are actually seven types of elder abuse that can occur in a nursing home setting. Understanding the differences between these types of abuses is key to getting your loved one the help they need quickly and preventing further harm.

At Anzellotti, Sperling, Pazol & Small, our Ohio nursing home abuse attorneys know how devastating it can be to learn that your loved one has been a victim of nursing home abuse. That’s why we offer compassionate and aggressive legal representation from the start. We have helped victims and families who have experienced abuse in nursing home or long-term care facilities, including victims of:

physical abuse is defined as any type of physical force used on an elderly patient by a caregiver. This can include kicking, hitting, biting, or shaking the victim. It can also include improperly using restraints, inappropriately using drugs, or force-feeding the elderly patient.

sexual abuse is less common, but it involves any non-consensual sexual activity with an elderly patient. It can include sexual assault, coerced nudity, taking inappropriate pictures, or forcing the elderly patient to watch sexually explicit acts.

Emotional Abuse is one of the most common forms of abuse but also one of the least reported. Emotional or psychological abuse is defined as inflicting emotional pain or distress on an elderly patient through verbal assaults or threats. It includes threatening, harassing, or verbally humiliating patient. It also can include socially isolating a patient or treating them like a child.

this form of abuse occurs when caregivers fail to provide the elderly person with the care they need to live a complete and comfortable life. This can include forgetting or withholding food, water, or medicine. It can also include failing to bathe or perform proper daily hygiene.

this type of abuse occurs when an elder or senior is abandoned by their caregiver. This could be deserting them in a public place or at their own home, thereby leaving them vulnerable.

financial abuse is one of the most common types of elderly abuse and occurs when a caregiver or nursing home institution improperly uses the elderly person’s assets without their consent. This includes writing forged checks, coercing the senior into signing financial documents or stealing their possessions.

this type of abuse occurs when the senior begins to act in ways that threaten their own personal safety and health. This could be refusing to medicate themselves or refusing to use safety precautions. It can be seen in nursing home settings when neglect or abandonment by caregivers has also occurred.

Getting Help for Nursing Home Abuse in Ohio

It is imperative that loved ones are aware of the potential for neglect and abuse in nursing homes, and watch for the signs carefully. If you suspect nursing home abuse, record every detail you can regarding the circumstances and signs, then immediately file a report with the nursing home administration. You can also obtain help from outside agencies and governmental organizations such as senior advocacy groups or Ohio’s Long-Term Care Ombudsman Program. Finally, contact an experienced Ohio nursing home abuse attorney at Anzellotti, Sperling, Pazol, & Small. Your attorney can help you determine the best course of action for your loved one’s safety and their future.

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