Uber Accidents in Ohio: Know Your Legal Rights

uber accident

In Ohio, there’s an increase in the popularity of ridesharing companies like Uber. The expectations of passengers that use Uber believe that their Uber drivers must transport them safely. Sadly, most of the Uber drivers have no commercial driving experience and are independent contractors.

There are two ways for Uber accident claim to happen. A severe car accident can occur when an Uber driver makes mistakes and drives negligently, which will leave Uber passengers injured and eligible for compensation. Also, an Ohio driver may be entitled to compensation for their injury when an Uber driver causes them to suffer injuries by hitting their car.

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Who is Liable for an Uber Accident Damages?

The responsibility of Uber as a company is to offer rideshare services for customers. And for them to schedule a ride, customers will have to download the Uber phone app. Also, it is through the mobile application that Uber drivers accept payment for their services as independent contractors. When these drivers have a customer waiting to be picked up, the phone application will alert them.

When they are transporting passengers for fees, Uber drivers are required to open the Uber application. It will ensure an accurate bill and acceptance of charges by driving with the application open. For the coverage of on-the-journey accidents with Uber’s insurance policy, the Uber application needs to be open and operating.

For negligent driving that results in injuries, Ohio courts will hold negligent drivers liable as with any other personal injury claim. Uber drivers require to maintain personal auto insurance coverage. And for insurance, their coverage needs to meet or even exceed the minimum standards in Ohio. However, while using the car as an Uber transport vehicle, the insurance policy of an Uber driver will not cover the cost of damages that happens.

Uber’s Insurance Policies

Should an accident happen, a driver’s personal car insurance company coverage will apply when a driver has turned off the Uber app or is offline. Uber has its own $1 million policy. However, not always does the $1 million policy apply. It is based on the activity of the driver at the time the accident occurred that the type of insurance coverage applies.

The Uber Has No Passenger When Available

The insurance policy of the driver will cover the accident when the driver is ready to pick up a paying customer after logging into the application. Uber has a provision of extra coverage of up to $50,000 per injury with a maximum of $100,000. Also, if the driver coverage does not cover everything, and the driver requests it, Uber will provide an additional $25,000 in property damages.

What You Need to Do Following an Uber Accident

You must try to remain calm as much as possible if you have been in an Uber accident. If it is necessary, you will have to seek medical attention first. As the driver, call 911 if you or any of the passengers are in pain or injured. Getting help from a physician even when passengers don’t notice injuries immediately is a wise decision.

Then, if possible, wait until the police arrive at the scene of the accident after calling them. Your claim to insurance companies will have the backing of a police record when you speak with police officers. Also, when filing a personal injury lawsuit, police reports are quite essential.

Use your cell phone to take photos of the accident as much as possible. Ensure you capture the location of the vehicles relative to each other when you’re taking pictures. Also, don’t leave out any damage to the motor vehicles when you’re trying to capture the scene. If you have suffered an injury, take the pictures of the injury.

Report to Uber right away following the accident. Before you speak with a skilled Uber car accident attorney, try as much as possible not to talk to insurance companies. There’s every possibility of Uber passengers to inform the police or insurance companies that no harm happened to them in the wake of a severe accident. However, the pain of the injury becomes apparent after the shock of the accident wears off, and it becomes unwise to do so.

Protect Your Legal Rights When Riding in an Uber

It is wise to contact an Ohio personal injury lawyer that has experience in handling cases involving Lyft, Uber, and other transportation companies if you are in a serious collision while as a ridesharing driver or customer. Attorneys at Anzelloti, Sperling, Pazol & Small will protect you and also get the driver off the road if you are a passenger who has been threatened or assaulted in any way by a rideshare driver.