Things You Should Avoid During an Active Injury Claim

Personal Injury Law

Most lawyers will advise their clients to avoid posting on social media while their lawyer works to pursue compensation. That’s because most insurance providers are going to look through social media posts to find an otherwise innocent photo or comment they can use to effectively damage the credibility of your claim and minimize the compensation you receive.

However, the rule about social media is just one aspect of the entire process. If you want to protect and even strengthen your injury claim, there are several other things you need to do.

Signing Things Before Speaking with an Attorney

During your injury claim process, you need to remember that insurance adjusters are looking out for the insurance company’s financial interests. Representatives of an insurance company are going to try several tactics to deny your claim or even minimize their value and protect the company’s profit margins.

With that in mind, you should be prepared for insurance adjusters trying to convince you to sign paperwork without first consulting an attorney. These documents include things like a release of liability where you state the other party wasn’t to blame for the accident that occurred. If you sign this, it may derail your case altogether.

Another document that an insurance adjuster may have you sign is a medical release, which is going to allow the party to acquire all your medical records, which include the ones that don’t relate to your existing accident. The best thing you can do is to check with your lawyer before you sign any document.

Admitting Fault

While you may think it is polite to apologize at the scene of an accident, if you do this, it may cause the claim to be denied altogether. You should never admit fault for an accident. Even if you believe that you may be responsible, you don’t know all factors involved, like if the other driver was distracted or impaired. Be sure to allow the insurance companies and lawyers to sort out all these problems for you.

Attempting to Hide a Pre-Existing Injury

If you suffered any type of pre-existing injury due to a chronic condition, a car crash, a work accident, or some other incident, you may be afraid that the claim you make will wind up being denied. However, you should never hide a prior injury.

While the claim process is going on, your insurance company will acquire your medical records that include evidence of your previous injuries, which means there is no reason for you to hide it. Also, you may still be able to collet on the claim if the accident aggravated the pre-existing injury or resulted in new symptoms.

If you try to conceal the pre-existing injury, it may have a negative impact on your overall credibility. Be sure you let your personal injury attorney know about this injury so that they can present this information in a strategic manner.

Refusing Medical Treatment

If you are like many people, you may be worried about the cost of the medical care you need or believe that you haven’t suffered any injuries. However, if you refuse medical treatment while at the scene of the accident, it may be a big mistake. An insurance adjuster may use your refusal to show that you didn’t really suffer an injury if you fail to seek medical treatment.

Hire an Attorney for Help

If you are dealing with a personal injury claim be sure you don’t make any of the mistakes listed here. You can seek help for your situation by contacting Anzellotti, Sperling, Pazol, & Small at (330) 792-6033.