The Top Reasons to Hire a Nursing Home Attorney

The Top Reasons to Hire a Nursing Home Attorney

Do you have a loved one who lives in a nursing home? If so, they may become a victim of nursing home abuse or neglect. Unfortunately, many elder abuse cases are never reported. That’s because in many situations, the abuser controls the access that the victim has to the outside world. Because no one notices the signs of a problem, the abuse continues.

If abuse or neglect occurs, it’s a good idea to seek the help of a nursing home attorney. Some of the top reasons to hire a legal professional for these situations can be found here.

The Administrators at the Nursing Home Aren’t on Your Side

As soon as the administrators at the nursing home learn about the neglect or abuse, they will probably reach out to you and make an offer to handle the situation internally. Regardless of how helpful or compassionate these individuals may seem, you need to remember that they are invested in the nursing home – not you or your loved one. At the end of the day, it is best for them to pay as little as they can for the damages and injures incurred, and to avoid any type of bad press. However, if you accept this unfair settlement and you sign a release (which is probably going to be requested), you will never be able to pursue additional compensation.

Collecting Evidence May be Difficult

If you want to prevail in a nursing home abuse or neglect case, you require strong evidence that mistreatment occurred and that your loved one suffered because of it. If you happen to overlook just a single piece of essential evidence, it may make it virtually impossible to win a fair settlement amount. A lawyer with the right experience will know what type of evidence is needed, and how to acquire the evidence that the nursing home staff may try to withhold.

You May Inadvertently Jeopardize Your Nursing Home Claim

When you allow an experienced nursing home attorney to handle the logistics of your situation, you will be much less likely to make an expensive mistake. Some of the issues that may hurt your ability to recover a fair payout include:

  • Allowing important deadlines to pass
  • Posting about the situation on social media
  • Not tracking or accounting for specific damages
  • Trying to begin negotiating before the abused or neglected individual has reached the maximum level of medical improvement

No Two Claims are the Same

You may have found several online resources that provide you with information and insights regarding the procedures and laws that relate to nursing home cases. However, while this is true, each case is unique. There is no special formula you can use to determine a fair settlement, and the evidence needed to strengthen a claim may be different from one case to another.