Nursing Home Fall Injuries and Inaccurate Reporting: What You Need to Know

nursing home fall injuries and inaccurate reporting

If you have decided to put your elderly loved one in a nursing home, you have certain expectations. For example, you expect the individual to receive proper care and treatment, when needed. However, there are several reasons that nursing home injuries may happen, such as falls (which is one of the most common situations). If an injury has occurred, it is crucial for a full investigation to be conducted to figure out exactly what happened and why the accident and injury occurred.

According to new studies, there may be more inaccurate information regarding nursing home resident falls than what many though. According to a researcher from the University of Chicago, there is some disparity between the statistics that have been given and the number of Medicare claims being made for injuries between the years of 2011 and 2015. Since falls are the top cause of fatalities for people who are age 65 or older, serious injuries can occur. That’s why it is so important for family members to research the local nursing home options before choosing one.

The Impact of Falls in a Nursing Home

Knowing if someone in a nursing home has fallen and if inattention or neglect were a possible cause of this incident is essential. It’s often challenging to figure out when or even if this has occurred. As a result, it is essential that nursing home facilities are truthful about the incidents when they occur.

According to the study above, the person conducting the research looked at the total number of admissions claims that were being sent to Medicare, then split each of the fall categories based on when they took place, and then assessed if hospitalization was necessary. The research also looked into whether the Medicare claim was filed because of a serious injury fall and looked at if the individual returned to the same nursing home facility where the injury occurred after they were released from the hospital. What was discovered is that up to 151K major fall injury claims had been filed by nursing home residents. While this is true, only about 57.5 percent of these falls had been reported accurately by nursing home facilities.

What Happens if Nursing Homes Don’t Provide Accurate Reports and Information?

If nursing homes fail to provide the proper care and residents are injured due to a fall, or any other cause, it’s crucial for family members to launch an investigation to figure out what happened. It’s also necessary for nursing homes to accurately report incidents and take action to correct any ongoing issues that seem to call these falls or other types of injuries to nursing home residents. Failure to do this can be considered neglectful and may result in the victim being able to recover compensation.

Talk to an Attorney for Help

If you want to protect your aging loved one and ensure they receive the best care possible, then it is a good idea to put time and effort into finding the right nursing home facility. Even if you have done this research, accidents can still occur. However, if you believe that the fall your loved one experienced was not an accident and that it was caused by the wrongful act or negligence of the nursing home case, you may have the right to file a legal lawsuit. To find out for sure, contact Anzellotti, Sperling Pazol & Small by calling (330) 892-9519.