Common Types of Traffic Accidents in Ohio

Common Types of Traffic Accidents in Ohio

Most times, car accidents happen suddenly and also without warning. And daily, the most dangerous activity you engage in is driving. In Ohio, auto accidents are relatively common even though there are many traffic rules and regulations for passengers and drivers’ protection. Distraction, recklessness, and negligence are some of the common causes of these traffic accidents.

In Ohio, according to a report, it is estimated that between 2017 and 2019, there were about 6,400 wrecks, which resulted in the death of 35 people. Also, brake failures and balding tires are the most common defects causing crashes in Ohio. Blown tires caused defects that resulted in 42 percent of fatal wrecks. In a decade, the second-deadliest year for Ohio drivers was 2019, with the state recording fatal car wrecks of over 1,100 deaths, an increase from 2018.

Failure to yield, following too close, left to center, speed, and driving off the road are some of the leading contributing factors for crashes in 2019. Also, 75 percent of fatal crashes were the responsibilities of males of all ages, and the deadliest among the drivers were teenage drivers.

Types of Auto Crashes in Ohio

Anyone can experience auto accidents at any time of the day, anywhere. You can be careful while driving, yet you can as well be susceptible to the dangers of a reckless driver. Some of the common types of traffic accidents in Ohio are:

Wrong-Way Accidents

Driving through a one-way highway or street, or driving the wrong way on an exit or entrance ramp can put the other vehicles on the road at severe risk.

Multicar Collisions

When a crash involves multiple vehicles, claims will increase in complexity. As such, different drivers might share some of the blame for the accident as more than one party will be involved.


A head-on collision is when two cars collide in the front-ends. These types of common traffic accidents in Ohio may happen when a vehicle drifts through similar negligent actions or into the opposing lane on the road or when one driver is going through the wrong way down a one-way street.

Broadside collisions

Broadside collisions are also referred to as T-bone accidents since they happen when the front of another car impacts the side of one vehicle. In fast-moving broadside accidents, passengers and drivers are at serious risk.

Rear-End Collisions

The primary cause of whiplash injuries is the rear-end collisions, even with headrests, airbags, and seat belts. With a severe, sudden backward and forward motion of the head beyond its normal limits, the result is injuries to the cervical vertebrae.


If a vehicle is side-impacted while in motion, it may turn over, skid into oncoming traffic, or a stationary object. Most times, there are injuries to hips, spines, or necks of the passengers because of the sudden change in the direction of the impacted vehicle.

Head-On Collisions

Due to the high amount of energy they generate, these types of crashes are particularly likely to result in severe injury. Very few people walk away from such a collision uninjured even with controlled collapse, seat belts, and airbags designed to help reduce the likelihood of fatality.

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