The Top Reasons to Hire a Nursing Home Attorney

Do you have a loved one who lives in a nursing home? If so, they may become a victim of nursing home abuse or neglect. Unfortunately, many elder abuse cases are never reported. That’s because in many situations, the abuser controls the access that the victim has to the outside world. Because no one notices […]

Nursing Home Fall Injuries and Inaccurate Reporting: What You Need to Know

If you have decided to put your elderly loved one in a nursing home, you have certain expectations. For example, you expect the individual to receive proper care and treatment, when needed. However, there are several reasons that nursing home injuries may happen, such as falls (which is one of the most common situations). If an […]

How to Get Help and Report Nursing Home Abuse in Ohio

It’s estimated that over one in four serious cases of nursing home abuse in Ohio are never reported to law enforcement. Some people aren’t too shocked by that statistic. However, consider this – it’s required by federal and state law that serious cases of Ohio nursing home abuse be reported to the police. The word […]

How Can You Report Nursing Home Abuse in the State of Ohio?

Knowing a loved one has been the victim of elder abuse is difficult and emotional for all involved. You likely selected a nursing home believing it was the best location for someone in your family to receive the care they needed. If you discover abuse in this location, it may be shocking, but you also […]

An Overview of Nursing Home Abuse in Ohio

The thought of an elderly person being victimized in a care facility doesn’t seem plausible. However, it happens more often than you think. In fact, it’s estimated that around 5,000,000 elders fall victim to some sort of abuse each year. This is a shocking statistic that points to a need for more nursing home regulations and […]